Protecting Landlords’ Investments

Protecting Landlords’ Investments

As a landlord, facing the risk of missed payments can be unsettling. With the rise in the cost of living, increased interest rates and seemingly universal financial struggles, more and more landlords are experiencing difficulties in this area. Due to this issue, something that landlords have found beneficial is a rent protection and legal expenses…

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Advice for buying your next rental property

Whether you are an experienced landlord or are jumping into the world of private lettings for the first time, purchasing a property to rent is an exciting prospect, but also a major undertaking. When embarking on this journey, ensure that you have a robust strategy in place in order to meet any challenges that come…

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How to keep a steady income as a private landlord

A property is a major investment and has the potential to provide you with passive income with minimal hassle on your part. However, careful steps must be taken to protect this investment and ensure that you are receiving regular payments. With the right assistance, steady rental income can bring you financial security and help you…

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Preparing a tenancy agreement

A written tenancy agreement is an essential component to agreeing the terms between you and your tenant that should be drawn up by qualified professionals. It is a legally binding document that must be written correctly in order to achieve the desired outcome and foster a productive tenant relationship. What is a tenancy agreement? A…

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What is a rent review and should you have one?

A rent review is carried out during a tenancy to determine if the rent being charged is correct for the market value of the property. It is a way to regularly ensure that your income is appropriate as property prices increase. Increasing the rent will help keep you financially stable as mortgage rates change and…

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The benefits of proper record keeping as a landlord

Your property portfolio represents a significant financial and time investment. One of the best ways to protect that investment is to keep consistent and regular records of your activities. Keeping detailed records will prove that you are acting responsibly and legally. Additionally, in serious circumstances such as relying on a Section 8 or 21 notice…

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What should you do if a tenant stops paying rent?

If a tenant has ceased paying rent for one of your rented properties, then action will need to be taken. Knowing the appropriate steps to take, as well as your rights and responsibilities, during this period is half the challenge. You will also need to submit a claim to gain vacant possession of the property…

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Handling condensation in your rental property

As the autumn months begin and with winter on the horizon, keeping private rental properties free of condensation, damp, and mould will be on the mind of every landlord. With recent changes to legislation, a range of potential issues to keep an eye on, and pressure to protect your investment from damage, this can be…

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Finding the right contractors for your rental property

All properties experience damage or wear and tear that will eventually need to be seen to by a professional, and this is no different in the private rented sector. Even the most diligent landlord and conscientious tenant cannot prevent storm damage, electrical components failing, or the effects of long-term wear and tear. When you need…

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Tenant Referencing: Everything You Need to know

It is critical that you verify the suitability of your tenants by speaking to them directly, following up on their references, and assessing if the documentation they’ve provided is valid. This is a time-consuming and often complex process that can be difficult for many landlords to take on in addition to their other responsibilities. However,…

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How can a letting agent find you an ideal tenant?

One of the best ways to build a strong long-term tenancy is to make sure you have the right people staying in your property. Establishing exactly who is an ideal tenant can be difficult for landlords to accomplish on top of all their other day-to-day responsibilities. Having a professional letting agent take care of this…

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Should I have a professional handle my deposit disputes?

Conscientious landlords would always rather have a tenancy end smoothly. However, it is a reality of letting a property as a private landlord that money from a deposit will sometimes need to be held back to pay for damage or neglect that took place during the tenancy. This is not a pleasant part of the…

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Maximising the return on your investment as a landlord

We still firmly believe that private rental is a worthwhile investment in 2023. Property remains a highly effective way to bring in extra income, but it is still a big investment. As a private landlord, you’ll want to make sure that you are maximising this income. There are a number of strategies that you can…

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Is the private rented sector still a good investment in 2023?

With the cost of living crisis and a number of reforms on the horizon, some are beginning to question whether the private rented sector is still a good investment in 2023. Whilst it’s true that landlords will need to invest in their properties and remain on top of their obligations, there are still lots of…

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How to prevent mould in your property

Mould in rental properties is a prominent issue during the colder months of the year and the upcoming Renter’s Reform Bill will introduce minimum standards to the private rented sector for the first time. This legislation aims to ensure that homes are ‘warm and dry’ and clarifies the responsibilities that landlords and tenants each have…

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Why should a landlord use a letting agent?

Why should a landlord use a letting agent?

Any landlord, regardless of whether they are new or established, can benefit from the support and advice of experienced professionals. From assistance with annual rent reviews to managing issues with tenants, working with a letting agent makes the life of a landlord much easier. Here are a few things that we, as the leading specialist…

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