Property inspections are a useful process for landlords. There are often some concerns that landlords can have, one of which being whether your property is being respected and taken care of. Periodic inspections are a great way to make sure your property is up to standard, as well as checking in with your tenants and their satisfaction.

“If you are considering conducting property inspections, you may want to peruse the additional benefits they can provide.”

Assess The Condition Of Your Rental Property

An inspection allows you the opportunity to assess the condition of your rental property, including the functionality of your appliances, your paintwork, carpets and furnishings if applicable. It’s also a really good idea to visually check the exterior paintwork, fences, roof, and guttering; these are things that can deteriorate and yet go unreported as they’re perhaps not directly affecting the tenant. Left unattended the cost to remedy them can escalate. Inspections enable you to ensure your tenants are observing their responsibilities in caring for your property and allow you to monitor your investment.

Ensure That The Contract Is Being Followed

Carrying out an inspection means you can ensure that your tenants aren’t breaching your contract in any way. This could be in the form of an unauthorised pet, or sub-letting without your knowledge. Whether the tenant is aware that they are breaching the contract or not, an inspection offers the opportunity for you to obtain this knowledge. From this point, a plan of action can be formulated to ensure the contract is correctly honoured going forward.

Make A Note Of Any Repairs Or Maintenance That May Be Required

Periodically inspecting your rental properties means that you can make a record of the repairs and maintenance works that may be required at a later date. Any maintenance that doesn’t need to be immediate can be scheduled when the weather is more favourable, or between tenancies if it’s known when the current tenants are planning to leave.

Comply With Legal Requirements

It may be a legal requirement for a periodic inspection to be carried out in your rental property. Legislation dictates that you guarantee the safety of your tenants within the property in the form of Gas Safety certificates and electrical safety certificates as well as sometimes fire doors and fire safety procedures, for example. It is your legal obligation that your property is a safe space in which your tenants can reside. These inspections fulfill your legal obligations and provide a record of you having done so, as well as maintaining the condition of your property.

What Is The Best Way To Carry Out A Property Inspection?

As a landlord, it could be difficult to find the time to carry out periodic inspections alongside your daily life. Trusting an external company to carry out these inspections may be the way to balance your diary whilst ensuring the inspections are conducted to a high standard and recorded. Working with an external company can guarantee a precise standard of inspection and can also help you avoid emotional involvement and remain impartial with your tenants.

Working with Pure Lettings, the initial inspection is conducted after approximately six weeks, followed by subsequent inspections twice a year. Our experts provide excellent services for landlords, ensuring their protection and seamless processes. Call us on 01698 400100 or send an email to to find out how our services can help you.