All properties experience damage or wear and tear that will eventually need to be seen to by a professional, and this is no different in the private rented sector. Even the most diligent landlord and conscientious tenant cannot prevent storm damage, electrical components failing, or the effects of long-term wear and tear. When you need a professional to resolve issues at your property, you want to know you’re working with someone reputable and reliable. However, finding the range of contractors needed to keep a whole property, or multiple properties, in the condition you require can be time consuming and tricky. That’s why we’d recommend engaging the services of a letting agent who can take care of this for you.

Why is it important to find reputable contractors?

  • Keep your property well maintained

    Having a property that looks attractive and cared for will make it far easier for you to attract a good tenant. Having work completed quickly and to a high standard means your property can be shown at its best to potential new candidates reducing the time spent between tenancies and mitigating losses of rental income.

  • Tenants stay happy

    Being able to respond quickly to a tenant’s request for repairs or maintenance – provided the requests are reasonable – will be highly beneficial to your relationship. A happy tenant is more likely to renew their tenancy so you retain reliable, hassle-free income and may be more amenable to potential future rent increases.

  • Reduce long-term costs

    Having issues resolved quickly and to a high standard early on can deliver major savings in the long run. If you have reputable contractors to undertake tests, services, and inspections they can identify potential faults and complete repairs then, rather than later after a problem has occurred. Preventative maintenance and staying on top of wear and tear is a worthwhile investment as it saves you money in the long-term, but if you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth then you’ll need a contractor you can trust.

How to find the right contractors for your property

It is possible to find decent contractors from your own network, by word of mouth, or by browsing local area groups on social media sites like Facebook or Nextdoor. However, this process can be highly time consuming and there is still no guarantee you will find someone who is right for you or will work to the standard you deserve. A dedicated letting agent will have a broad network of tradespeople that they can draw from to meet all your property’s needs. You won’t have to worry about trying someone new or even go through the hassle of arranging it yourself if you don’t want to. You’ll receive a good service from a reputable contractor that your letting agent has an established relationship with. This is particularly useful for trying to draw on more obscure or rarer professions, or if you are letting a property in an area that you are less familiar with.

All private landlords will benefit from having reputable tradespeople they can rely on to resolve any issues with their property quickly and effectively. By engaging the services of Pure Lettings you’ll have access to our wide-ranging network of professional contractors. When you work with us, you’ll be able to retain the exact level of control you desire. So organising repairs could become a thing of a past as your dedicated letting agent takes care of the whole thing for you. Whether you leave it in our capable hands, or stay in control, you can rest assured you’ll receive a quality service from a contractor you can trust. To find out more about how our unique approach to property management has helped countless private landlords, call 01689 400100 or send an email to