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We have helped countless private landlords with their properties. Using extensive industry experience, our dedicated team provides a fully managed service that helps you make passive and hassle-free income. Pure Lettings are the premier choice for dedicated letting services. We take great care to deliver personalised solutions to each landlord that works with us, giving them the exact level of control and input they desire. Take a look at how we’ve helped landlords across Kent with our expert property management services.



A landlord in Hythe required an agent to fully manage her property. She didn’t have the time or the experience to manage the property by herself and was particularly concerned about staying compliant with regulations and ever-changing legislation.

After she was referred to Pure Lettings, we sat down with her to discuss the problems she was experiencing and how we could best help. We discussed her needs and requirements. In particular, she wanted an agent that would communicate directly with her and treat her respectfully as a client, not just a property.

We were more than able to meet these needs. Our team organised a fully managed service tailored to the landlord’s needs as well as a direct line to her property manager. We also provided a monthly newsletter to keep her informed about legislation changes as well as performance updates. This kept her appraised of her investment and the ongoing status of her property.

The landlord said that she was extremely impressed with Pure Lettings’ knowledge and that she had complete peace of mind. She was delighted that her property could be professionally managed without stress or hassle on her end, and that her investment was maximised.

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During a routine property inspection of a flat in Hastings, we detected a leak that was affecting the flat below. This was causing damage to the property and disturbing the tenants. Pure Lettings immediately employed the services of a reputable contactor from our network. They were able to quickly repair the leak and prevent further damage.

From there, Pure Lettings worked with a claims handler to make a claim through freeholder insurance. We also arranged redecoration and repairs for both the property we were managing and the flat downstairs.

The landlord was very pleased with the work once it was finished. They were able to rely on us to have the repairs completed in a timely and cost-effective manner, and successfully claim the cost back through insurance. There was also minimal disruption to the tenants during the whole process.

If the landlord was not on a fully managed service, they would have to spend their own time arranging contractors, organising access to two different flats, and dealing with insurance claims. All while working full time. Pure Lettings was able to complete the work far quicker and without causing stress to the landlord.




When a tenant vacated a property, we noted that there were several discrepancies between the check-out report and the inventory that was taken when the tenant moved in. Notably that the property was not cleaned to the same standard and there were damages to a wall and the carpet.

We negotiated directly with the tenant to agree on a reasonable deduction for the repairs and cleaning costs. This avoided a lengthy and complex claim process through the Deposit Protection Service. To support our position, we provided evidence of why the work was necessary as well as quotes from reputable contractors from our network.

Pure Lettings was able to act fairly and objectively, using the facts of the situation without becoming emotionally involved. This is what commonly trips up landlords who represent themselves in negotiations with tenants. Had the landlord attempted to complete this process himself, it is unlikely that he would have had the same success.

We are experienced in dealing with the stringent rules in place when pursuing a claim on a deposit. The process is so stringent that if any paperwork is missed or incorrectly completed, the entire claim will be unsuccessful. Our experts will submit a comprehensive and fact-based claim to ensure that you get the best result.

Using expert industry knowledge gained from eight decades of experience in lettings, Pure Lettings negotiates with tenants effectively and pursues claims successfully to get the justified outcome. This ensures landlords are fairly compensated and do not endure the stress and time-consuming hassle of completing everything themselves.

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