One of the best ways to build a strong long-term tenancy is to make sure you have the right people staying in your property. Establishing exactly who is an ideal tenant can be difficult for landlords to accomplish on top of all their other day-to-day responsibilities. Having a professional letting agent take care of this will yield long-term results that ensures a lucrative, positive, and hassle-free tenancy.

Vetting potential tenants the right way

An experienced letting agent will know the ins and outs of the property industry and have seen many tenant-landlord relationships. This expertise is invaluable when vetting candidates, as they will recognise the ‘red flags’ that you might not. Having a dedicated expert on this job also means that they can commit more time to this task than you might be able to. Having this time allows your agent to pre-qualify candidates before arranging viewings with only those that meet the referencing criteria. This creates multiple filters through which unsuitable candidates can be removed from the process. Having a professional take on this task for you will ensure your tenant is selected from a broader pool of candidates and using more thorough methods than you might have the time to practically manage. They’ll apply their expertise to find strong candidates that meet the criteria for your property.

What makes an ideal tenant?

Finding the right tenant for your private rental property can be tricky. There are a range of different factors to consider and sometimes the qualities that make a good tenant can be hard to recognise. Having a professional take care of this process ensures these qualities will be quickly identified so you only have the best candidates renting your property.

  • Financially stable

    A financially stable tenant not only ensures a consistent and timely rental income, but also minimises the risks associated with unpaid rent, property damages, and eviction processes. One crucial indicator of financial stability is a good credit score which reflects a tenant’s ability to manage their financial obligations responsibly and indicates they are less likely to default on rental payments. You will also need to know if they are steadily employed and earn enough to meet their rent obligation each month in addition to their other financial obligations. A letting agent can gather and assess this information via referencing agencies to make sure that your potential tenant is financially responsible and able to make their rent payments on time.

  • Trustworthy and reputable

    As well as enquiring about your potential tenant’s financial situation, your agent will check up on personal references. A tenant who can not only be trusted to pay on time, but behave respectfully towards you, the property, any other tenants, and their neighbours is invaluable. An experienced letting agent will be able to quickly identify the relevant qualities that will make them ideal for your property. They know what to ask referees to yield the right information quickly to make sure that your potential tenants are committed, punctual, and able to maintain relationships with others over a long period of time. There is a personal element to the tenant-landlord relationship and knowing that your new tenant can be trusted with your property will give you great peace of mind.

  • Strong communication skills

    With such a wealth of experience working with tenants, a letting agent is well suited to identifying if a candidate is suitable by the way they communicate. Good communication will form the backbone of a tenancy and is undoubtedly a key sign of a good tenant. A candidate being clear, open, and honest about their situation will be essential to building a positive relationship. Ultimately, you want a reliable tenant who is considerate and reasonable. Paying close attention to the way they communicate with us ensures that we find just such a candidate and that you have a beneficial and pleasant tenancy.

Going through all these checks to identify the ideal tenant and trying to gain a sense of whether a person is suited to a particular property can be time consuming and complex. Take the stress out of finding a tenant with Pure Lettings. We are a highly experienced team of letting agents that use our extensive knowledge to vet a broad pool of candidates to find the best one for you. To find out more about how professional property management can help you achieve hassle-free passive income, give us a call on 01689 400100 or send an email to