Property management you can trust
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Property management
in Tunbridge Wells

If passive income is your goal, reach out to our talented team for property management in Tunbridge Wells. With more than 80 years’ experience amongst our team, we can handle all your portfolio’s requirements. This allows you to receive the income you require without needing to be involved in the day-to-day running of your properties. Our personal approach ensures that we work in the way that suits you best, making sure you retain control whilst support is given to maximise your return on investment.

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Our team is on hand to support Tunbridge Wells landlords. If you’re curious about how you can benefit, call 01689 400100, email, or fill out our quick contact form.

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Why Pure Lettings?

We take pride in our unique focus on property management and lettings. You can rely on us to deliver the best possible support for landlords in and around Tunbridge Wells.

Tailored approach

Personalisation is at the heart of our approach. By getting to know you, we’ll be able to determine the best solution for your portfolio. We’ll also adjust to your preferences, allowing you to retain as much involvement as you desire.

Dedicated services

All the services we offer are based around lettings and property management, giving us a clear purpose. We do everything we can to make life easier for the landlords we work with. No matter your needs, we’ll meet them in full.

Experienced team

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who have spent their careers in lettings. Our collective experience exceeds 80 years, ensuring that we’re prepared to handle any issue, resolve any dispute, and provide the reliable advice our clients need.

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Arrange a free consultation

Let’s see what’s possible for your Tunbridge Wells portfolio. Simply arrange a free consultation on 01689 400100 or to discuss your requirements with one of our knowledgeable property managers.

Our property management services

Being a successful private landlord means finding the right balance between generating a profit and maintaining a safe, compliant property. By partnering with our team, you can alleviate stress by having an expert helping hand with day-to-day tasks. We can take care of the running of your property, including specialist compliance tasks, giving you back time that you can devote to other responsibilities instead.


Legal compliance

Count on us to ensure your property remains compliant with all legal requirements. We can also save you time by completing and submitting the necessary compliance paperwork on your behalf.

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Rent reviews

We’ll help you set an attractive, competitive level of rent by assessing the local market and feeding this information back to you. You’ll also have our support when considering rent increases.

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Vetting tenants

We know what to look for when meeting and screening potential tenants. Let us help you find someone reliable and responsible who you can count on to treat your property with respect.

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Property inspections

We’ll inspect the property on a regular basis to make sure it is being cared for. This is the best way to prevent unnecessary damage and to keep tenants satisfied with their living conditions.

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Repairs are made less disruptive by our relationships with reputable contractors. We can arrange a prompt response so that works are completed swiftly and your investment doesn’t suffer.

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Our team will organise a detailed inventory at the start of the tenancy. Having a clear record of the property’s condition makes disputes less likely and provides peace of mind for all parties.


Your dedicated letting agent in Tunbridge Wells

I’m Trevor Doran, the owner and managing director of Pure Lettings, a leading property management company serving the picturesque town of Tunbridge Wells. Drawing from over three decades of experience in property management, I’ve assembled a highly dedicated team at Pure Lettings to provide expert assistance to property owners in Tunbridge Wells.

Our team has earned a solid reputation for delivering outstanding service and possessing an intimate knowledge of Tunbridge Wells’ unique housing market. Whether you own elegant period properties nestled in the historic neighbourhoods of Tunbridge Wells or modern homes with charming gardens, Pure Lettings is well-prepared to cater to your specific property management needs. We have the expertise to handle a diverse range of properties and will help you to boost your rental income.

Tunbridge Wells, renowned for its scenic beauty, historic architecture, and top-tier schools, offers a captivating blend of suburban tranquillity and convenient access to both London and the stunning Kent countryside. With its thriving local community, cultural events, and excellent transport links, Tunbridge Wells appeals to a diverse range of residents and families seeking a high-quality lifestyle. The combination of natural allure and superb amenities makes Tunbridge Wells an enticing destination for property investment – one that you can benefit from.


Our team in Kent are fully qualified property managers with the following accreditations:








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