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Property management Margate

Property management
in Margate

Private landlords can find themselves short on time and in need of professional support. This is where our expertise in property management can help. We can assist with some, many, or all of the duties involved in letting out a property and will adjust our approach to suit your needs. There’s never a need to give up control. To discover how our team can support you with the personal service you require, call 01689 400100 or email When it comes to property management in Margate, we’re here to help you minimise your stress and optimise your rental income.

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Discover how you can benefit from our team’s support by calling 01689 400100, sending an email to, or completing our convenient contact form. We make life easier for the landlords we work with.

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Why Pure Lettings?

We focus on lettings and property management, ensuring we are equipped to meet any requirements within these specialist areas. Our team remain on top of all the latest industry developments, allowing the landlords we work with to feel confident turning to us for advice.

Tailored approach

There’s no fixed approach for our services – we will always adapt to your unique requirements. This includes managing portfolios of all sizes and accommodating different levels of contact. We’re happy to involve you in every decision or to handle all these duties on your behalf.

Dedicated services

As all our services are based around lettings and property management the needs of landlords and their properties are always prioritised. By working with our team, you can be confident that we’ll remain on top of current industry developments.

Experienced team

There are more than 80 years of property management experience within our team. We’ll draw on this when handling your property portfolio, ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly and effectively. Rely on us for hassle-free support.

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Speak to a member of our team to learn how property management can help your rental portfolio to thrive. Call 01689 400100 or send an email to to start a conversation and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our property management services

Private landlords in and around Margate can turn to us for support with the day-to-day running of their rental properties. We have the specialist knowledge to assist with all manner of tasks, including those related to compliance. This allows us to take control of your portfolio, helping you to earn a suitable return and remain compliant without unnecessary stress.


Legal compliance

We can spare you the time and effort involved in keeping on top of your property’s compliance needs. This can be intimidating for many landlords, but professional help ensures that this doesn’t have to be the case.

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Rent reviews

We can help you to set a competitive level of rent by assessing the local market. With this information in hand, you’ll feel confident in the decisions you make to increase your rental income.

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Vetting tenants

Our vetting process is designed to identify the most suitable tenants for your property. This ensures that it is looked after, protecting the value of your portfolio.

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Property inspections

We’ll keep an eye on the condition of your property by conducting regular inspections. Any issues will be swiftly dealt with, minimising damage and inconvenience for the tenants.

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There are a wide range of reliable contractors that we can contact for maintenance and repairs. This ensures you can look forward to prompt and professional results.

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We take care of every detail, including arranging a professional inventory for the property. Having clear documentation helps to avoid disputes and minimise losses from damage or neglect.

Property management Margate

Your dedicated letting agent in Margate

I’m Trevor Doran, the owner and managing director of Pure Lettings. With over three decades of experience in property management, I’ve assembled a dedicated team at Pure Lettings to expertly manage private rental properties in Margate and the surrounding areas.

Our team has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional service and possessing an in-depth understanding of Margate’s unique housing market. Whether you own charming coastal cottages overlooking the sea or modern apartments with panoramic views of Margate’s artistic scene, Pure Lettings is well-prepared to assist you. We can handle a diverse range of properties and have the knowledge to help you optimise your rental income.

Margate, known for its artistic flair and stunning coastline, offers a captivating blend of seaside living and creative energy. With its world-renowned Turner Contemporary, lively arts community, and convenient transport links to London and other coastal towns, Margate appeals to a diverse range of residents and visitors. The fusion of artistic inspiration and coastal charm makes Margate an attractive destination for property investment. We can help you be a part of it.


Our team in Kent are fully qualified property managers with the following accreditations:








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Property management can help you to get more out of your rental portfolio. Find out how by contacting our team on 01689 400100 or sending an email to