Property management you can trust
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Property management
in Deal

Private landlords can rely on Pure Lettings for expert property management in Deal. Our team has decades of experience in the sector and can help you to simplify your experience as a landlord. Our aims are to reduce any stress you experience and to help you achieve a hassle-free source of passive income. Let us tackle any day-to-day challenges that arise, safe in the knowledge that you’ll retain the level of control you desire. As an adaptable team, we’ll help you to maximise your property’s returns.

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Our team is here to support Deal landlords. Call 01689 400100, email, or complete our brief contact form for a prompt response.

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Why Pure Lettings?

We deliver outstanding results for the landlords we work with. Thanks to our single-minded focus on lettings, we have an unrivalled understanding of how to make life easier for local landlords.

Tailored approach

We place great emphasis on understanding our clients and determining the ideal solution for their needs. Whether you have one property or a substantial portfolio, and whether you prefer to delegate control or stay intimately connected, we will adapt to your preferences.

Dedicated services

Lettings and property management are our specialities. We understand the challenges that landlords face and we have the expertise to help them overcome these. The needs of our clients and their properties are always at the forefront of our minds.

Experienced team

Together, we total more than 80 years of collective experience. This vast reservoir of expertise uniquely qualifies us to not only understand and cater to your needs but also to adeptly maneuverer through the intricate legal complexities of our industry.

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Discover how our seasoned property managers can assist with your Deal portfolio. Take advantage of a complimentary consultation with one of our team members to explore the tailored solutions we offer. Just call 01689 400100 or drop us an email at

Our property management services

Private landlords can face significant stress when it comes to meeting their legal obligations and also keeping their property profitable. We can step in to manage the everyday tasks, navigate complex legal processes, and handle other tasks that you might not have realised were necessary. Our goal is to maximise your property’s returns while alleviating your stress.


Legal compliance

We have the skills to make sure your property is compliant, ensuring that all relevant regulations are being followed and a secure environment is in place for tenants.

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Rent reviews

We can help you set the right rate for your property by completing market assessments. You’ll have the analysis you need to set a competitive and fair price.

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Vetting tenants

We’ll help to screen tenants and make sure that they’re a good fit for your property. Our experience helps us to spot those who will care for your property during the tenancy.

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Property inspections

We’ll inspect your property on a regular basis, looking out for any developing issues that need to be addressed. This helps to maintain its condition and value.

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We can recommend reputable contractors to repair and maintain your property. This keeps tenants happy and gives you peace of mind as the owner.

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We’ll make sure a professional inventory is completed so that there is a clear record of the property’s condition. This is the best way to avoid potential losses.


Your dedicated letting agent in Deal

I’m Trevor Doran, the owner and managing director of Pure Lettings. With over three decades of experience in property management, I’ve brought together a dedicated team at Pure Lettings to expertly manage private rental properties in Deal, Kent, and the surrounding coastal areas.

Our team has earned a strong reputation for delivering exceptional service and having an in-depth understanding of Deal’s unique housing market. Whether you own charming seaside cottages in the heart of Deal or contemporary beachfront apartments with breathtaking ocean views, Pure Lettings is well-prepared to assist you. We can handle a diverse range of properties and will ensure you can optimise your rental income.

Deal, nestled along the scenic coastline of Kent, offers a captivating blend of coastal living and historic charm. With its picturesque seafront, vibrant local scene, and convenient transport links to nearby towns and London, Deal appeals to a diverse range of residents and visitors. The mix of maritime heritage and modern amenities makes Deal an attractive destination for property investment, and Pure Lettings is here to help you benefit from the opportunities in this dynamic and sought-after coastal town.


Our team in Kent are fully qualified property managers with the following accreditations:








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Let’s discuss what we can do for your rental portfolio in Deal. Call 01689 400100 or send an email to to see how our expert property management service can help.