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Property management
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Pure Lettings are dedicated property management experts, serving Beckenham and the surrounding areas. We understand the unique needs of private landlords and use our expertise to offer them a convenient source of passive income. Unlike many other companies, we focus exclusively on lettings. This allows us to provide the most efficient and beneficial possible service. You can count on our team for property management in Beckenham that takes care of the daily complexities associated with being a landlord. We’re here to remove hassle and maximise your property’s returns.

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Our team is at your service, ready to help you optimise your property investments. If you’re a landlord in Beckenham, get in contact by calling 01689 400100, emailing, or filling out our quick contact form.

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Why Pure Lettings?

Our team stands out for its singular focus on lettings. We understand this market better than anyone, providing a property management service that delivers the best possible results for landlords in Beckenham.

Tailored approach

Our approach is client-centric, and we take the time to get to know each client’s specific needs. Whether you own a single property or a substantial portfolio, we are here to provide the service you require. This includes us taking charge on your behalf so that you can free up time, or keeping you actively involved with every decision.

Dedicated services

Our core focus is lettings. We have a team of experienced letting agents who are committed to assisting landlords and are readily available to provide any support you may require. You can rely on us to keep your needs, along with those of your property, central to our approach.

Experienced team

We’ve carefully built up a team of property managers with more than 80 years’ collective industry experience. As a result, we have the depth of knowledge to understand any requirement and meet any need, ensuring that you quickly receive a solution that meets the legal complexities of the industry.

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Arrange a free consultation

Discover how our expert property managers can help with your portfolio by arranging a free consultation. Simply call 01689 400100 or email to arrange a convenient meeting time.

Our property management services

Private landlords frequently grapple with the pressure of balancing legal obligations and profitability for their portfolios. The team at Pure Lettings can step in to manage the daily intricacies, navigate complex legal procedures, and tackle often-overlooked tasks to guarantee that your property yields the best possible returns without causing you undue stress.


Legal compliance

Our team will ensure that your property remains compliant. We understand the legal requirements of the industry and can also assist with paperwork on your behalf to take the burden off your shoulders.

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Rent reviews

We can make sure you’re charging the correct rent for your property by conducting an in-depth market analysis. This will give you the expert guidance you need to optimise your rental income.

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Vetting tenants

We approach tenant selection with care, carefully evaluating prospective tenants to identify the best fit for your property. Our goal is to create a harmonious and mutually beneficial tenancy.

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Property inspections

We conduct thorough property inspections, using our industry experience to swiftly identify potential issues and recommend effective solutions.

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We have an extensive network of trusted contractors to draw upon. They will keep your property safe and comfortable for tenants. We are committed to ensuring your property remains a desirable place to live.

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The inventory is a crucial resource for documenting the contents of your property and minimising potential losses caused by damage or neglect. We will ensure a professional inventory is created before each tenancy.


Your dedicated letting agent in Beckenham

My name is Trevor Doran, and I am the owner and managing director of Pure Lettings. With over 30 years of experience in property management, I have leveraged my expertise to assemble a top-notch team here at Pure Lettings, specialising in the management of private rental properties in Beckenham and the surrounding areas.

Our expert team has swiftly garnered a reputation for providing exceptional service and possessing an in-depth understanding of Beckenham’s housing landscape. Whether you own post-war semi-detached properties in peaceful residential areas or contemporary flats nestled along picturesque streets, Pure Lettings is well-equipped to manage any type of property, ensuring you maximise your rental income.

Beckenham, situated in a sought-after part of Greater London, is a diverse and thriving suburban area that offers a unique blend of attractions. With its lively town centre boasting a multitude of shops, a vibrant dining scene, excellent transportation links connecting you to both London and the south coast, serene green spaces, and quality educational institutions, Beckenham caters to a wide range of residents. This makes it an ideal destination for property investment, where you can tap into the diverse and dynamic local market.


Our team in Kent are fully qualified property managers with the following accreditations:








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Maximise the returns on your property with professional property management in Beckenham. To discover how the team at Pure Lettings can assist you, get in touch on 01689 400100 or send an email to