Trevor Doran
Managing Director

Trevor Doran

What are your main duties and responsibilities?

My primary responsibilities are to work closely with our clients and provide support to the team. I actively monitor and facilitate feedback from our landlords and tenants through open communication to discover ways we can improve and measures we can take to deliver the best service for our clients’ needs. I work closely with landlords to provide guidance that is drawn from years of industry experience and personalised to their preferences, helping to maximise their financial success in the world of private lettings.

As the director of the company, I produce a guiding framework for my team to follow that outlines the quality of communication, speed of response, and level of professionalism we expect. I facilitate training and provide resources to ensure that the team are equipped to meet and exceed these expectations. A crucial part of our process is internal collaboration, which is why I take great care to foster an environment where we can work together and lean on one another’s strengths to deliver the highest level of service to our clients.

‌What does a typical day look like for you?

I start each day by taking Ted, our company’s mascot, out for a walk. Once I reach my desk, I immediately check my to-do list to make sure that I’m prepared for the day ahead and any outstanding tasks are taken care of. With this out of the way, I’ll see what’s going on with the company by checking our property management software and email system. By taking a look at the messages, updates, and notifications that have come through overnight I can remain aware of what’s happening across the team. This also gives me the opportunity to spot ways that I can help or provide useful input. I’m always ready to support my team but, more often than not, I find that they’ve handled everything so well that there’s not much more that I can do!

‌How long have you worked for Pure Lettings?

I have owned the company since 2008. The business has grown steadily since then and, by employing the right people, I have created a strong foundation for continued success.

‌What do you love about your job?

Lettings is very much a people-focused industry where every day brings new and different challenges. Every day can be unique and exciting because you are working directly with people. Teamwork is crucial in a business like ours. When everyone works together, sharing their expertise and supporting one another, it creates an environment where challenges can be tackled head on. It also allows for a more efficient and effective way of doing things, as different people’s strengths and experiences can complement each other. I’m fortunate enough to work with an incredibly talented and experienced team who make this a reality.

‌What do you enjoy about working with clients?

I enjoy actively listening to our client’s needs and concerns so that I can form lasting connections with them. Our clients know they can rely on me for support and guidance, whether they are landlords or tenants. Rather than being a transactional relationship, I find that this approach allows me to become a trusted advisor and resource for their future endeavours. Going above and beyond to exceed industry standards and deliver exceptional service is something I take great pride in and there’s a deep gratification in knowing that I’ve played a part in creating successful, harmonious tenancies.

‌Do you hold any qualifications or accreditations?

Accreditations and legislation in our industry are continuously expanding and evolving. As a business, we have a CMP (Client Money Protection) accreditation that reassures our clients that their money is handled and protected according to the regulations. We are also members of PRS (Property Redress Scheme) which provides independent dispute resolution services for consumer complaints, the NRLA (National Residential Landlord Association), and are accredited by LLAS (London Landlord Accreditation Scheme). This commits us to following good practice guidelines and meeting certain property management criteria.

‌How did you get into the industry?

I’ve dedicated my career to property maintenance and management for more than 25 years. Before I began to manage properties for others I was a landlord myself. This gave me an understanding of the challenges and responsibilities involved in maintaining rental properties and looking after tenants.

I entered the industry when I took over a small letting business from my own letting agent when he decided to retire. I had a strong foundation to build upon as, being a disciplined former Army officer, he had instilled a strong sense of thoroughness and attention to detail into the business. This was ideal, as success in the industry depends on maintaining high standards and providing an exceptional service to landlords and tenants alike.

‌What are the most important skills for your role?


Instead of being intimidated or overwhelmed by the challenges that arise in the business, it’s important to see them as opportunities. Seeking out innovative solutions is the best way to stay focused and motivated.

‌Ability to embrace change

It is essential to adapt to new circumstances and embrace opportunities for growth. At Pure Lettings, we are open to new ideas and approaches and are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. This ensures we remain competitive and can continuously improve our processes.

‌Tell us a ‘fun fact’ that people won’t necessarily know about your role.

Visiting a property for the first time is always an interesting experience. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the personality and story behind the space. Properties come with their own distinct character, and their history makes them even more special. What makes these visits exciting is that you never know what surprises await you. There might be hidden nooks, beautiful views, or unique features that you would never expect to find. These can even inspire your own design ideas.

‌Where do you live?‌

I live in a small village in Kent called Pratt’s Bottom. While the name might generate a few chuckles, Pratt’s Bottom is a charming and unique village with its own distinctive character, beautiful surroundings, and a strong sense of community.

‌What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Being a sports enthusiast, there’s nothing quite like the thrill and excitement of watching live games and matches. I like to be there in person whenever I get the opportunity. I also like to take care of my own health and well-being by keeping active. This might mean going for a run in the park, hitting the gym, or playing sport with friends. This balances out my love for socialising and eating out! I firmly believe life is all about finding harmony and leading a well-rounded lifestyle.

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